Inquisitor Ignace Schokkenbroek

The PC's inquisitor.


Name: Ignace “Mongrel” Schokkenbroek
Homeworld: Scintilla, Sibellus Hive, Slagerfeld Spire, Lower Yatuno
Career: Scum
Gender: Male
Build: Brawny
Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Mousy
Eye Color: Grey
Age: 0
Quirk: You have a chronic, hacking cough.
Hive Class: Factory Dregs
Divination: Men must die so that Man endures.
Starting XP: 300
Starting Package: The Beast Slaver


A very nice guy, fatherly to his Acolytes. Fat.

smoking pipe (memento), loaded dice (2) (memento)

Family: Your mother’s name is Trantia. She walks the path of the Scum. Your father’s name is Cain. He walks the path of the Cleric. Your sister’s name is Jestilla. She walks the path of the Guardsman.

Drives a Firefly bike

Inquisitor Ignace Schokkenbroek

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